Enrollment Services Training Guide

I originally worked as an Enrollment Specialist at Borough of Manhattan Community College from 2014-2016. I returned in August of 2017 after my undergrad and was given a hybrid role in the Enrollment Services Department. Being that I had extensive experience working the contact center and given my design skills, the supervisors gave me the role of Graphic Designer/Assistant Supervisor. My job was to create assets for the contact center as well as the rest of Enrollment Services such as visual graphs, charts, flyers, training presentations, etc.

One such graphic is the Enrollment Services Training Guide shown below. I was tasked to not only refine the staff training, but to also visualize it so that it may be used by others in the department. This was accompanied along with several training presentations for each area of enrollment processes that we handle. The guide and the presentations were received such good reception that the other major departments such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Testing, and Bursar also wanted to utilize the them for their own staff. Because these are the primary departments of the school that deal with the student body, this in turn became a college wide training program.



Call Flow Chart

In addition, here is a call flow chart I created for staff members to help guide and take control of the call.

(Please note that I am unable to show all designs created for Enrollment Services due to management restrictions)

Workstudy Flyer

In the summer of 2018,  was assigned to kick-start the Enrollment Contact Center workstudy program. I was tasked with the hiring process, interview screenings, and the training of all new workstudy staff. In addition I was tasked to design flyers for workstudy career fairs to gain the attention of those BMCC students who were interested.